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Book Recommendations

* Summer Edition *

Summer is coming up and there are so many books that you probably haven't read yet. Spend your summer hanging out with friends and reading some of the best books for you that you will enjoy. We have put together a list of numerous books that would fit your best interest. Enjoy and remember to have fun.

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11 - 12 years old - Summer reading list

Turtle in Paradise : By Jennifer L. Holm and Savanna Ganucheau


The Newbery Honor-winning and best-selling book is now a graphic novel! This is a story about an eleven-year-old girl who realizes the world isn't flawless. Money is difficult to come by in 1935. She has no idea what to expect as her mother takes her to stay with relatives in Key West. Turtle eventually gets to know her enthusiastic cousins and their friends after a rocky start. 

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Horse Girl : By Carrie Seim

Wills' hopes have come true: she will begin studying at Oakwood Riding Academy! Finally, she will be admitted to the exclusive realm of #HorseGirls. However, things do not go as well as Wills expected. Amara, the Academy's reigning queen, is eager to give her a rough time. Not to mention that being a member of the Oakwood Riding Academy involves dealing with Horse Boys. Will she be able to handle the drama? 

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Girl Stuff : By Lisi Harrison

Drew, Ruthie, and Fonda have every hope of maintaining their relationship when they reach seventh grade. Yet, their plans are derailed when Ruthie enrolls in the Gifted and Talented class, Drew prefers to hang out with her latest crush, and Fonda joins the popular group.

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Are you interested in the lifestyle of children around your age across the world? 

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The Breadwinner Trilogy : By Deborah Ellis

This trilogy is a fascinating and inspirational narrative of Parvana, a young girl growing up in Afghanistan, as she fights to make a life for herself and her family under the Taliban's harsh rule. This book relates very closely to children's everyday lives growing up across the world in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Books included:  "The breadwinner", "Parvana's journey", "Mud city"

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13 - 14 years old - Summer reading list

The Beauty that Remains: By Ashley Woodfolk

The three teenagers experience sorrow and remorse in their own unique ways, with the aid of peers, siblings, parents, and the transformative force of music, and discover that, though there is no easy road to healing, there is light on the other side of darkness.

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What I Carry :  By Jennifer Longo

Muiriel is set to leave the foster care system after spending her whole life moving from placement to placement. But when she's sent to her last home, she's ready to wait and stick to her policy of no attachments. What she isn't expecting to meet is a caring adoptive mother, a helpful best friend, and a possible boyfriend.

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Did you enjoy the Harry Potter series? Then take a look at this amazing literary fantasy series for teens 

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Throne of Glass : Sarah J. Maas

This book series is dedicated to all teens who love literary fantasy. Join Celaena Sardothien, a teenage assassin in a ruthless kingdom ruled by a tyrant, The King of Adarlan. Her journey flies through eight interesting novels with fascinating plot twists that will always leave you at the edge of your seat and invested in what is yet to come. 

Books in the series:

1. "The Assassin's Blade",

2. "Throne of Glass",

3. "Crown of Midnight",

4. "Heir of Fire",

5. "Queen of Shadows",

6. "Empire of Storms",

7. "Tower of Dawn",

8. "Kingdom of Ash" 

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