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The Duke of Edinburgh:
We will always remember 

The headlines spread like rapid-fire across the globe: Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, dies at 99.


The tragic announcement decried the death of a great monarch. For some, this melancholic notice might simply have been another obituary in the paper. But for over 8 million youth across the globe and 500,000 young Canadians across the country, who were touched through participation in Prince Phillip’s Duke of Edinburgh award, the woeful message meant much more: the death of a founder and an inspiration.


Establishing the Duke of Edinburgh award in 1956,

Prince Phillip’s revolutionary vision of equipping

youth to tackle the often turbulent motions of life

has left a significant impression on youth, who

will always remember and deeply appreciate

his contribution to forging youth of outstanding



Through his tireless commitment to the Duke of Edinburgh award, His Royal Highness Prince  Phillip, challenged youth to be the best version of themselves. He encouraged youth to improve

themselves in all aspects: involuntary service,  physical recreation, the perfection of skill, and

embarking on an adventurous journey.


                                                                                                       Prince Phillip gave us youth a challenge.


                                                                                                       Prince Phillip gave us youth a purpose.


                                                                                                       The Duke of Edinburgh gave us youth meaning.


The Duke of Edinburgh meant for many a recognition of their highest potential, realizing their talents and their promising futures. In completing the award, youth gained confidence and came to acknowledge a fundamental truth: namely, the paramount idea that youth, with hard work and dedication, could do anything.


Although there were those cynical dissenters who might have had our youth believe that we couldn’t do it, that we couldn’t aspire to higher and nobler ambitions, that we weren’t destined for greater things, Prince Philip never lost faith in the young generation.


The Duke of Edinburgh espoused the innate

and revolutionary belief that youth could do

great things and that they could change the

the world as they first changed themselves.


Prince Phillip touched generations of youth

and transformed their lives in a way that not

many could. Sincerely, from our youth to

you, Prince Phillip: we will always remember

your innovation, your creativity, and your



Your legacy, which has become intertwined

with that of thousands of other youths, will

remain eternally alive in our hearts and our



Thank you and farewell, Your Royal Highness, Prince Phillip, The Duke of Edinburgh.



Written by Angelica Vecchiato on behalf of the Promotion of Education and Values to honour the memory and legacy of recently departed Prince Phillip, The Duke of Edinburgh.


A video by the Duke of Edinburgh Foundation in memory of the Duke of Edinburgh: Prince Phillip

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