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Find Your Passions

By: Angelica Vecchiato

In a world swallowed by socially isolating lockdowns, there is nought much for a

teenager to do on a Friday night but to watch cheesy (though classic) rom-coms. For hours

upon hours on a Friday night, I will voluntarily consume the “love-story” rhetoric of films that describe the high romanticism and (sometimes intense) passion of a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. As a highly sentimental person of myself, I can’t but feel overcome with ardor when we reach the emotional crescendo of the film, which usually uses oration to this effect: “I’m in love with you, [insert name of feminine protagonist]. I couldn’t possibly ever live without you. Oh please, marry me.”

While I devoured such amorous content, I couldn’t help but reflect on the over-use of

the word ‘passion’. The sweethearts within romantic films would feel passions for one

another. For instance, Allie and Noah from the notorious film The Notebook, or

Shakespeare’s renowned lover protagonists from his play, Romeo and Juliet. I found this

rather comical. The word passion is derived from the Latin word, “patior” which means to be endured. Does this mean that the extent of one’s passion is measured by how long an

individual can endure their significant other’s company? (Haha!) Happily attending an all-girls school however, the word passion takes on another meaning for me.

Rather than see the importance of “passionate” relationships or understand the world

through a romantic lens only, I recognize that passion could be applied in terms of hobbies,

extra-curriculars, and pastimes.

Those young women who are passionate about what they enjoy, quite frankly, take

the world by storm. Bianca Andreescu for instance, a famous Canadian sports player, was

very passionate about tennis. Through her passion, she has inspired thousands of young

women around the world with her genuine interest in the sport. When you discover your

passion for a sport or an extracurricular, with your skills, your curiosity, and your dedication, you could conquer the world.

Thus on Friday nights, when I watch my romantic-comedy films, I will be redolent of

my greatest love, my greatest passion: writing.

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