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About the Author & Mission Statement

Hello :) My name is Angelica Vecchiato, and I will be the writer and content creator behind the Polaris blog! I am extremely honored and excited to play a part in writing for an organization that presents the incredible opportunity to help and connect with other young ladies my age! I hope to write both creatively and judiciously in the hopes of inspiring you, my dearest readers, to be the best version of yourselves!

Navigating through life is an incredible enigma, in fact, I would venture to say that life is one of the greatest adventure stories ever recounted-- rivaling even swashbuckling tales like the Count of Monte Cristo and the Three Musketeers. Life is wrought with dauntless trials, anguishing adversity, incredible feats, and capacious victories. In maneuvering through life, one can experience both the greatest sorrow and the greatest joy. In one instant, you could be rejoicing over the acing of a difficult exam, yet within a matter of seconds, such a feeling of happiness could be juxtaposed with a feeling of intense sadness, manifested perhaps in the form of a failing friendship or the loss of a loved one. One thing is certain, the mystery of life is not for the faint of heart. Life calls only the most courageous and brave to affront valorously the challenges which present themselves through the course of one’ s existence. Though oftentimes, these trials can be so great, so tremendous, that they leave one in a state of bewilderment, confusion, and disorientation--it is here that this blog comes into order. The Words From the Heart blog, in association with Polaris Girls Club, will seek to provide guidance, comfort, and solace to young ladies navigating through the turbulent waters of life. The blog will provide philosophical analysis, exploring and discussing some of the most contentious global issues plaguing the young ladies of today. There is no topic too intimidating, no topic too intrepid, no topic too controversial for this blog to address! It is with a fearless and honest spirit with which Words From the Heart will gallantly tackle the most confusing of worldly situations. It is our main purpose and sincerest wish, on behalf of all the creators of Words from the Heart, to inspire critical thinking and respectful dialogue among young ladies so that we may, as our motto so nobly professes in Latin, “docere feminas ut orbem mutarent”--to teach women so that they (in turn) might change the world. In a concluding tone, take this blog as an invitation to embark on an incredibly noble adventure--worthy only of the highest honour-- in short, as a summon to change the world.

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