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Our latest author: About the author & mission statement

Hi! My name is Zoie Noranho and I’m the latest addition to the writing team for this amazing blog. I’ll be going into grade 11 this September and I go to St. John Paul II Catholic Secondary School, where I’ll be entering my first year of the International Baccalaureate Programme. (Wow, I always forget how much of a mouthful that is) I am 16 years old, have yet to get my G1 license because I have too many people available to drive me around, and spend too much time writing prompts for stories I never continue.

When I was four years old I watched my dad read a novel and in my attempt to be more like him, I mimicked him with my own picture book. Although my book was upside down and I had yet to learn how to actually read, it was what set me off on the winding path of falling in love with literature. I can look back and see my progress as a writer, from my scratchy picture book rendition of Snow White when I was seven, to being an author of Words From the Heart.

Writing brings me great solace because it’s the way I find easiest to express myself, when my mind and my mouth don’t line up like I wish they would. To put something on paper (or on a document?) is to materialize what once only existed in my mind and I love the process of doing so, from the conception of the idea to the actualization of it.

I’m so excited to be a part of this blog and cannot wait to let you, dear reader, have a peek inside of my beautifully messy brain! My goal is for you to read something that inspires you and leaves you feeling invigorated. God bless and happy reading!

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