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Our Latest Contributor: about the contributor & mission statement

Hey everyone! My name is Alyssa Medina and I will be joining the team as a social media manager, helping to publicize the blog! I will be going into grade 11 this September and entering the International Baccalaureate program at St. John Paul II CSS.

Growing up, I've always loved to read. Whether that be Curious George at the corner of my elementary class or Michelle Obama's autobiography, I've always seen reading as a form of communication that helps society understand one another. With that being said, I have almost no interest in writing. Crazy how that works, but I have always been more drawn to reading the stories of others rather than explaining my own.

As a reader of this blog, I found the articles published by its authors to be completely relatable and comforting for me to read, especially during this pandemic where we feel more disconnected than ever. And while writing is definitely what I would not consider my forte, I wanted to contribute to the blog somehow. By taking on the position as a social media designer, I found that I could help other girls find these articles and experience the same sense of belonging that I had received as a reader!

I'm so excited to read what these authors have in store and will do my best to spread their words of wisdom. See you at the next article!

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