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What does it mean to be a woman?

By: Mikayla Klover

As our society has become more modern, we have lost many traditions,

especially when it surrounds becoming a proper young lady. There are those who

hold the belief being a woman just means you have grown up, but we really have

to ask ourselves: what does it truly mean to be a woman?

Being a real woman has many aspects that one needs to discover such as

morals and virtues. Now you may be asking how do I become a woman? Firstly

every woman is a jewel and priceless. What do I mean by priceless you may

ask? Priceless is defined as “so precious that its value cannot be determined.”

So what does that mean to us? As the lyrics for the song Priceless by For King

and Country says, “you're worth more than all the money or the diamonds and

pearls, this is who you are.” Never forget that you are a princess, and therefore

you should be treated and treat yourself as such. Similar to the song Priceless

Glinda from the Wizard of Oz says this “You’ve always had the power my dear,

you just had to learn it for yourself.” Becoming a woman of character is a journey

full of ups and downs. You will fall, yet when you get back up once more, you will

have grown to become ten times stronger.

I am talking about the power to speak light and be heard. The power to

help others and guide them towards the right path, the path to the light especially

when it comes to men. Men have lost their sense of respect for women because

we have lost our expectations. Men have lost their chivalry. We need to raise the

bar as women and must demand respect. We as women are charged with the

responsibility to set an example to other women and men who are confused or

who have fallen into societal traps. If we become strong minded women of faith,

hope, love and charity our future will be bright and full of promise.

Dear readers, take a second to stop, stand still and reflect on what kind of

a woman you want to be. Once you have decided the kind you want to be, go out

into the world and be the light in the dark places. I am not saying this is easy, on

the contrary, it will be very tiring at times. However, when we take our last breath

on this earth, we will see it will have all been worth it. As prolific writer C.S Lewis

advised, "have courage dear heart"

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