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Volunteering is a great way to positively impact your community. When you think of volunteer service, your mind usually routes to building schools in third world countries. Well, you're not wrong but volunteering can be the simplest thing right in your own backyard. Since Covid-19 has taken quite a toll on our lives, volunteering outside of your home isn't an option. 

Virtual Volunteering is equally as important as your usual perception of volunteering. With volunteering virtually you can contribute via computers, tablets, or smartphones in the comfort of your own home. 

Here are some great virtual volunteering ideas to look at in Ontario! 


Zooniverse is a great website where you can participate in a variety of projects. From your home, you can make a positive impact globally. 

Be My Eyes is a mobile app that links blind and low-profile individuals with sighted volunteers and visual aid organization members via a live video call.

This program allows you to call and/or email the seniors in the community weekly. By staying in touch with the elderly on a weekly basis you can help them not feel as isolated and alone in these tough times. 

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