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Professional Mentoring 

As a leadership program, Polaris seeks to develop the girls into strong leaders for the future. The professional mentoring program is one of the pillars of Polaris because it helps the girls to connect with an older, trusted advisor, who can help them along their journey of development.


The skills learned in Polaris sessions are life skills, and the mentors help the girls apply these skills to their life. The girls are able to choose their mentors from an exciting array of diverse professional fields. This will help the girls connect with someone who shares a field of interest and can provide firsthand experience on various topics. 

High school is an influential time of life for teens, and it is important to have someone to discuss and converse with in addition to teachers, parents, and friends. Our mentors can help the girls to develop skills they will need to become strong leaders in their professional and personal lives. 

Office work

Meet the Mentors

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