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Three Women


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Introduction to Leadership

September 23, 2023

Decision Making

October 28, 2023

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Goal Setting & Planning

November 25, 2023

Problem Solving

December , 2023

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All Hands In

Teamwork & Collaboration

January 27, 2023


February 24, 2023

Discussion on Office Balcony
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March 23, 2023

Public Speaking

April 27, 2023

Person holding a presentation

The Proposals

May 25, 2023


Meet the dedicated Polaris committee!


Miriam Helmers

Miriam Helmers has recently completed her PhD on simile in the works of Charles Dickens at University College London, UK, and is currently working as a teacher of English and Latin at Hawthorn School in Toronto. She holds an MA in English Language from the University of British Columbia and a BA in English from the University of Toronto. She completed a Bachelors in Theology at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome, Italy, before returning to her first love of English literature. Her other interests include theatre and film, the history and structure of the English language, Latin, and poetry-writing when the mood is right. 


Jaqueline Chow

Jacqueline Chow is a family doctor working in a Toronto clinic. She enjoys seeing patients of all ages from babies to elderly seniors. She also specializes in a women's health medicine called NaPro Technology. Her hobbies include reading, playing the piano and jogging. She aspires to run a full marathon one day! She is passionate about working with young women and enjoys mentoring the younger generation. 

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Theresa Rebello

Theresa Rebello is a student currently attending the University of Toronto. She is studying Political Science, and is looking into potentially studying law. Theresa has been working on revamping the current Polaris Program and is very excited to get to know all the girls who join Polaris. She has experience in various leadership positions and is very excited to share her knowledge with a new group of people!

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